The Arcadia in Manila…!


News Flash:

The Arcadia has just arrived in Manila Bay. Upon its arrival, Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada has stationed and instructed a hundred police officers armed with sniper rifles to shoot onsite anyone that will come out of the ship. A red alert has been sounded in the vicinity of Manila Bay and citizens were advised to stay inside their houses and be ready to defend their homes for any “terrorist” attacks…

I took this photo before a foul-smelling mad man had taken a flesh out of my arm when he bit me. To anyone who have read this, please shoot me if you see me! Shoot my head to be sure…! I am slowly losing my humanity as I write this blog… As I am starting to feel an unexplainable hunger and thirst that only the flesh and the brain of a human being can satisfy! I beg you, kill me now… I am becoming one of them!

Arcadia is owned and operated by the Umbrella Corporation.

16 thoughts on “The Arcadia in Manila…!

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    1. I tried it but self-preservation kicked in! And I’m losing control… Come here and I’ll eat your brains, no, I don’t want to do that, yes, I’ll eat your brains… I am now dizzy!

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      1. Ompong, according to my sources, you have perhaps 7 hours left before the virus completely takes over your body, turning you into a smelly, grotesque flesh eating walker. There is an antidote, but you must get to it within the next 5 hours in order for it to be effective. Time is of the essence!! Somehow make it to the city of Tarlac. Just outside of town is a boarded up green house. It looks empty but chemists and bio researchers have a lab in the basement. The secret door is hidden under a rug in the dining room. Upon arriving ask for Lumpia. Tell them I sent you. It is the only chance you will have due to corrupt elected officials claiming a limited supply of antidote exists—and is only for them and their mistresses.

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