Obsessed with Clouds… 🙌


Yup, I’m completely obsessed with “cloud photography”, if there is such a thing. I find clouds to be the most unpredictable subjects with faces that may go through unannounced metamorphosis. And they are very sensitive…

Their faces get red, sometimes they are bright, and in certain cases, they are like charcoals before they cry! Some are spongy while others are like ants scattered all over the sky. The best thing about them, they are always ready and willing to be photographed… For freeeeeeeeee! Hehehe!

8 thoughts on “Obsessed with Clouds… 🙌

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  1. Love to photo cloud formations anytime anywhere…they sing…love it. The name nephophilia is being afraid of clouds thought isn’t it? So what is the name/word for a lover of cloud formations? Not one!!! grateful lyn

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  2. lol I was thinking today, if there is a name for people with an obsession with clouds while I was looking through the photos I took of ‘clouds’. Hubby says I’m weird, I say I love admiring beautiful things. The simple things in life. Like you said, ‘It’s free’ and can be calming just like looking at the moon and water.

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