The Land of Irony and Contradictions

The true state of the nation amidst the news of economic booms…!

And in contradiction to the “comfortable” lifestyle of our politicians living in their mansions with fleets of luxury cars, private jets and helicopters, and multiple investments in condos and businesses “all from the fruit” of their gross annual salary of less than US$25,000 a year.

It’s really “fun” in the Philippines!




14 thoughts on “The Land of Irony and Contradictions

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  1. I think the politicians should be the one sent to Mars, not the other way around. That way, we could sell them the goods they need and give back all the money they stole.

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  2. The same situation goes on here too. Politicians are just puppets and clowns as is our president. Meanwhile, many here in Las Vegas as just one example are living in the drainage systems underground and on the streets. More I can say but…

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