“The Philippine Alibata” (The Philippine Alphabet)

Photo courtesy of "The Commission on the Filipino Language" featured on Inquirer.net

Unknown to many foreigners, the original Philippine Alibata (alphabet) has no C, F, J, Q, V, X, and Z.

Patinig are the vowels while the Katinig are the consonants. However, the modern day “informal” Philippine alphabet now include the 7 English consonants.

By the way, the letter “J” was only invented in the 17th century. Accordingly, it was theorized by most bible scholars that the name “Joseph” and “Jesus” are not the original names of certain biblical figures.

14 thoughts on ““The Philippine Alibata” (The Philippine Alphabet)

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  1. medyo nalilito lang ako sa mga symbols medyo may pag kakaibaiba ang mga strokes nila sa old and new baybain. bago palang kasi ako natututo .


      1. Hahah nako po . Halos mabulok na nga ung libro na reference ko sa Alibata. Sayang di tinuturo sa school. Hehehe

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      1. Rodolfo Jr that’s why my nickname is Jojo (for Jr). But the elderly folks use Ompong for the Rodolfo part. My friends call me Jojo while the older generation use Ompong. Hahaha!

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