Share the Love…!

Photo courtesy of YINGLAN

I was fortunate to be selected by Yinglan of A Simple Life last week Friday to become part of the Share the Love community where bloggers unite with a common goal… Spreading our never ending love for blogging!

Who is Yinglan?

This is her photo when she was a child... 🙂

Yinglan was born in China and migrated to the United States at the age of 10. She is a full-blooded American by heart though still retaining the best of what China’s culture has to offer. She’s a graduate of the University of Utah with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. But that’s only one of her skills… Inside, she is a woman aspiring to become a writer.

Her dream, among many, is to have her works published and read by the world… Or even beyond the planet, we may never know! She is currently pursuing a Master degree in Accounting at Weber State University hoping to become a free-lance accountant. (That’s awesome because I am a Certified Public Accountant by profession…!)

Her tales in her blog site have a variety of plots and twists and often, unexpected dénouements. She never ran out of stories to tell and her passion to share her creativity and multiverse imagination to our virtual community is unquestionable!

One of my favorite “Yinglan” tale, among many she wrote, is The Afterlife… It was a fantastic story with an ending that may rival those written by Stephen King or Alfred Hitchcock! You know me, I love to read Gothic tales, watch Zombie movies, and anything that will make your hair stand coupled with a hundred goosebumps! I don’t want to spoil the excitement, just read it and you will definitely enjoy it!


1. Display the tag on your post along with the instructions;
2. Display the link to the blog whose author tagged you;
3. Insert their ‘about me’, biography, or profile text, and if they have one, add their picture too;
4. List or talk about some things you love about their blog;
5. Mention your favourite post by that blogger;
6. Tag as many bloggers as you can, and remember, the more you tag, the more people will hear about you and your blog
7. And do not forget to let the bloggers know you have tagged them.

As I would like to tag all those that I follow to spread the love for blogging, I will leave this to my blog-friends to accept this challenge… Just don’t forget to link me to your post… 🙂

Let’s continue to blog the planet…!!!

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