The Love and Hate Challenge (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of the Love and Hate Challenge… 🙂

6. I love watching zombie movies. The more blood and “eating”, the more I like it. I have the complete collection of George Romero’s movie, one of the best directors of zombie films. I hate it when some directors make a comedy out of zombie plots or a low budget producer makes a zombie film where zombies only wear “obvious” makeups.

7. I love listening to Gothic Rock and Heavy Metal music. Yup, I’m quite Gothic and Metal. And I also like New Wave genre. I hate Rap music… Maybe because I don’t find it as a music but rather just a monotonous slur of words.

8. I love playing Rubic’s Cube and Sudoku. My fastest time to arrange the six sides of the cube by color is about 2 minutes and a half. Some speed cubers I saw in YouTube can arrange it in less than 10 seconds. My fastest time on Sudoku Hard Level is about 3 minutes. I hate playing the game of Chess… I find it boring and just a waste of time.

9. I love macro photography of almost anything, be it an insect, a flower, or any other thing around us. When I was a kid, I usually spent hours looking at things under a microscope. I hate “selfies” photos specially if someone do a selfie everyday or more than twice a day and post it in their facebook wall. I had my settings stop their posts from showing automatically in my timeline. Hehehe!

10. I love smartwaches. I have both the Sony and Samsung Gear smartwaches. It notifies me and allows me to read important messages even when I’m in a meeting or driving without using my mobile phone. Pretty neat, quite sneaky, and handy! I hate gadgets that are too proprietary and limits your ability to use their product.

Those are it, folks, my 10 Love and Hate Things… 🙂

Thanks again to LadyLee for this wonderful challenge opportunity…!

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    1. You just “unfollow” a friend. It does not unfriend your friend, “unfollow” will just stop your friends posts from showing in your timeline. Hehehe! 🙂


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