The “M” Invasion in Manila…!


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  1. To the people everywhere, BEGGING you to not eat their cheap crappy food. You will get fat, sick, health problems, brain fog. Eat a smelly rat on the street or cockroaches before ever eating that death garbage fast food. That company preys on people who have low incomes and who have not been able to obtain a lot of education. Nasty gross fat food. Soooooo unhealthy. Stick to your traditional Phillipino food. Stay away from ALL American fast too trash. Stay away from them, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, Arby’s, Jack in the Box….bet they try to target all of your kids.

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    1. NinnaO is correct and knows the deal. Stay away from all GMO, which is now mostly all forms of wheats, corn, and rice. No startches, either. They intentionally modified these food, worldwide, knowing it alters our DNA, is very harmful to the body, and probably wanting to drop our IQs. Plus, wheat is linked to over 200 health problems and has opiates in it since they altered it (wheat, rye, oats, etc) to make people falsely feel hungry every two hours.

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      1. Yes! So it is!
        Stay away from “M” as in Monsanto! Boycott!
        That is among other things: Coca-cola, Pepsi; Heinz; Cadbury: Campbells – and a lot of other companies that in some way or another are owned by Monsanto.
        This topic seems to call for a post on my recently reawakened foodblog…

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