The Four Iron-Clad Knights and the Three Stooges…


There was once a wooden bridge on a moat;
Guarded by four knights riding in a boat;
No one gets in, no one gets out;
So beware and take heed without a doubt!

The three stooges that were dumber than dumb;
Walked across the bridge while eating a black plum;
Laughing and giggling obviously drunk;
They all smell horribly like a herd of skunk!

The four knights quickly jumped on the wooden bridge;
Drawing their swords dropping their meal of porridge;
The more they beat the stooges on the head;
The more they sunk their feet made out of lead!

Alas, I ran out of what to say;
For a god called “Ennui” took me away;
As much as I like to continue with my tale;
I have to bring my wife to a mall having a sale!

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