The Full Moon Rising…

I saw the full moon tonight hiding under the cover of the clouds… And I remembered my “The Full Moon Rising” photo which I took last March of this year… ๐Ÿ™‚

Photo ni Ompong


The scene was magnificentโ€ฆ But mixed with an eerie color that seems to forebode horror!

It was about 6PM and I was at the Guadalupe Bridge in the City of Makati on my way home.

As the Sun was setting on the West, I saw the moon rising near the East. The reddish aura of the setting Sun made an eerie โ€œblood redโ€ color from where the moon was risingโ€ฆ

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Jana Laraza… The MYMP Diva!

I don't know what your choice is... But I like Jana Laraza the most from among those who became the vocalist of MYMP. She looks sweet, definitely the prettiest, and her dance moves are awesome and eye-catching. Oh-lala! ๐Ÿ™‚ MYMP ("Make Your Momma Proud") is a Philippine all-Pinoy band who performs at events and concert... Continue Reading →

A Beautiful Monday to Everyone…!

... Always wear a smile when starting your week, it brings "good vibes" as most people would say. I don't only smile, I laugh... I laugh at the Monday morning rush hour traffic, I laugh at the multitude of emails and paperworks I have to read and review, and I laugh at those people who... Continue Reading →

What is Pollination…?

... Simply put, it is the act of love-making in flowers! The male anther penetrates a female stigma and the male spews out pollens. The next time you ask your wife to make love, say it in a sexy, romantic fashion, "Honey, I want to pollinate with you...!"

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