Pop Up Dialog in Some Blog Sites


I often see this dialog box pop up in some of the blogs I am following. Though it does not really bother me, it sometimes appear so sudden while I’m reading a blog…

Have you also seen this in the blogs you are following?

6 thoughts on “Pop Up Dialog in Some Blog Sites

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  1. That popup is annoying heck, when popups pop on any site, I click away. It’s called a “bounce rate”. hehe. The government in any country is going to do what it wants regardless of what it’s citizens want, right? In this day and age of electronic abuses, this seems to be the normal way.

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  2. Yes, I see it, too. And I agree that it sometimes prevents me from reading the post until after I have deleted it. I do not know why it only appears on some blogs but must assume those bloggers have given permission for it to do so.

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    1. I think so too… It might be a widget or something which a blogger have chosen to be shown in their site. I hope it is not some sort of a “spam” to phish email addresses.

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