“Bulalo” (Beef Shank Soup)


Definitely one of my favorite Pinoy food specially if I’m stressed at work or just finished a good game of golf. I had this food during lunch time a few days ago with a client. But I have to take it easy on the bone marrow since it is high on bad cholesterol…

Why is it as we grow older and have more money to buy the food we want to eat, like lechon (roasted pork meat), pork adobo (stewed pork meat in vinegar and soy sauce), chicharon, papaitan, crabs, lobsters, etc., we cannot enjoy it any longer because they are bad for our “aging” health?


13 thoughts on ““Bulalo” (Beef Shank Soup)

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  1. I still indulge, why not? It’s not everyday. The best thing there is you have a wide choice of seafood plus you sweat a lot – so there goes the bad cholesterol. LOL

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