Four Photos, Four Stories (3rd Season)


Why the Sky has turned Red…!

Episode 1: The Shadows

It’s 3200 A.D. Amidst the ruins of a city once known as Manila, two shadows emerge.  Running from one ruined building to another, the shadows pause from time to time to scan the area for any unexpected movements before moving.  As if trying to hide from an unknown enemy, the shadows slowly inched their way to a tunnel once called “Lagusnilad”.  “Lagusnilad” was once a major road tunnel bypassing Manila’s city hall. The two shadows listened for any unusual sound and when no other sound was heard, except for their tired, heavy breathing… the shadows went up a skywalk bridge and stood motionless with the red sky behind them.

Episode 2: The Domed Quarters

Manila is now a city of about less than a million people.  The human habitats, like the rest of the world, were called the “Domed Quarters”.  Domed Quarters abound the city with an average of 10 to 20 floors with approximately 10 families for each floor.  These habitats were surrounded by weather-proofed, dome-shaped, totally sealed plexi-glass. The Domed Quarters had an artificial oxygenation system that ensured its population of clean air and water.  Each Domed Quarters were self-sufficient – – the basement to plant and harvest grains, roof-deck where the trees abode, and livestock in the middle of these structures.  If anyone dared to go out of the Domed Quarters, one had to wear a special gear called “Para-habitat”.  Para-habitat gears, similar to those worn by astronauts, were meant to protect humans from the searing heat of the atmosphere at 230 degree Celsius at its coolest in the night-time and from the lack of breathable air outside of the Domed Quarters brought about by massive deforestation.

Unlike the prior millennium of 2000, there were no hustling and bustling of the population.  Money no longer existed and bartering was the only way of obtaining goods and services within each habitat.  Each of the Domed Quarters was a city of its own, with no contact to the outside world, where each inhabitant zealously protect their source of food, where each human always lived in fear, the fear of becoming extinct and attacked by those who made the sky red.  But even under these conditions, the human population had survived…

Episode 3: The Abominations

…Until THEY came… THEY that turned the sky red like blood, THEY that forced everyone to bend their knees and worship their leader whose name is not to be spoken, THEY that shine like a newly minted gold coin with helmets of halo, THEY that are not in flesh but only in spirit, THEY that do not speak and yet can communicate, and THEY that hold the power to negate the earth’s gravity and hover like humming birds above the clouds. They are THEY, the abominations!

THEY came in droves from the heavens up above and like an army of ants, THEY were countless! An ancient book found in the year 3100 AD calls them the Seraphims. Those who knew the ancient superstitions and the arts of worship call them “angels”. The army of Seraphims was led by a super being whose name is not to be spoken. During the Seraphim War in the late 28th century when a massive army was formed by mankind to repel these invaders, 90% of the world’s population was annihilated by the Seraphims and all the blood of those who perished evaporated to the sky like vapors coming out of a boiling kettle.  The super being whose name is not to be spoken has made the blood linger high above the sky turning the heavens red! Mt. Everest became the Seraphims’ central headquarters where those captured in the war were herded.  In the blackness of the night, screams of terror are heard coming from the mountain but for the old generation who survived the war, their screams are like songs of worship in a choir.  The old generation had this habit of being delusional to the extent of even worshiping the invaders and he whose name is not be spoken when they arrived to conquer the planet.

The two shadows, seeing the city below them clear of any wandering Seraphims, went down and ran towards a nearby Domed Quarter. As they enter the Domed Quarter and greeted by those within, one of the shadows said to the other, “Mankind had survived the onslaught of these abominable Seraphims.  We will continue to defy he whose name is not to be spoken. Mankind shall be free of these parasites. That day will surely soon come…!”

A lot of thanks to Lou of Taking A Deep Breath for nominating me to the “Four Photos, Four Stories” challenge. 🙂

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