Feedly: A WordPress Reader Alternative


Since the WordPress Reader is still having issues in showing all the blogs I follow, I opted to use Feedly. I imported all the blogs I follow at WordPress in this application and voila… The problem is completely solved!

Feedly is available in Android and iOS platforms. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Feedly: A WordPress Reader Alternative

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  1. You mentioned one issue, bebs another. And there are more. Especially when using the app on iPhone or iPad or other devices.
    F.ex not being able to be linked over to the actual blog. So either one stays on the reader or follow by mail. Which is impossible. The mail inbox would be cluttered and die of all those mails.
    Theses flaws also means fewer visitors. I can get more likes than visitors on a given time. That’s very obvious when starting a new blog. You can get quite a lot of likes and followers without even get ONE visitor! This could actually make you laugh.

    So why try to create a beautiful, personal, blog suitable for the content, when at the same time WP makes it more difficult and time consuming to visit!
    Those recently made enhancements are mostly not enhancements at all.
    How good you found a solution for the feeds!

    And I’m not as wining as it may sound. I’ve stopped bothering about it. It would just build up too much negative energy.
    Says I – with the iPad and the reader. Since it makes it easy to READ blogs and watch beautiful photos. Like yours!

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    1. You’re absolutely correct, ninna… I’ve stopped bothering about it when I started using Feedly… And the magazine view is splendid. Now I enjoy more the blogs I follow. Cheers! 🙂


  2. I had a problem with one of the blogs I follow. I had to follow her again for the third time today as her blogs were not showing in my reader. The thing is I have met her in person and we email each other and she sends me postcards, so we’ve become friends. Glad to know the problem was not just with me.

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    1. It’s really an issue in the WP reader. Ganun din nangyari sa akin sa mga blogs I followed. So I decided to use, feedly. And it’s easier to use pa. 🙂


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