Star Wars… The Beginning


The original Star Wars cast before the start of filming the first episode of the movie.

Photo courtesy of Why Don’t You Try This

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  1. Ooops, meant to write: Harrison Ford is far LEFT in the photo above….Ahhh, to grow up and conquer the world as an adult in the 1970s…I wish that had been my era. Mine was after that, but I have discovered I love mellow and Motown music in the 70s. To me that music is great, I loved much of the womens’ clothes styles, people had face to face communication skills, “globalization” wasn’t moving at warp speed, no mass electronic data spying and record keeping of the masses–not like today, flying on most airlines didn’t suck balls and continue to abuse its paying psssengers with crappy over priced tickets, no intentionally saugt after TSA perverts, theives, & weirdos “just following orders”, people could afford college easier, less TV channels, phones not surgically attached to 85% of the populations’ hands or ears, less mass media promoting of deprevity, Bruce Jenner was an Olympic medal athlete on a box of cereal called Wheaties but now people have photoshopped him as his true self on boxes of cereal called Fruitloops—how he began taking up with the talentless and super slutty Kardashian trash was the real curve ball to me, no appliances or motor vehicles with WiFi, the public K – 12 educational system offered a lot more than the garbage going on in them now, teachers could be teachers back then, and on and on and on…..and within the 70s came a film that made a positive impression on so many worldwide; Star Wars (A New Hope) and with great acting and great scripts, unlike the last three SW movies made— such a shame. I am glad I read many of the SW books while, interestingly, not a fan of sci fi–and many books, in general, old or new. I love history and am a history buff–that seems to change or be reinvented in subtle ways, too…..To my fellow romantics and in or out of the closet NERDS, may the force be with us all!

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  2. I love that pic. I found it a few years ago on the net. Glad to see others find it interesting, too…..I could be wrong, but I suspect it was not taken BEFORE their first, original Star Wars movie because that looks like Mark Hamil, far right above R2D2, AFTER his bad car accident and how he then SLIGHTLY changed his facial features–slightly, after requiring plastic surgery ….and, initially, Carrie Fischer allegedly had weight issues from getting off of drugs in the very first SW film made, which leend had it told putting a white non body hugging dress on her concealed her weight gain….just a thought

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