My Opinion: Neck Strap vs. Sling Strap

Left: The Neck Strap; Right: The Sling Strap

I previously use a neck strap that came with my camera before I eventually replaced it with a sling strap (Black Rapid RS-7). Some of you may find the neck strap as a comfortable way to carry your gear. But for me, I love my sling strap that I will never go back to using a neck strap.

Why did I move to a sling strap? I had several issues with the neck strap that made me hate it and love instead my sling strap.

1. The neck strap is completely bothersome around my neck and it’s like a sand paper trying to get a piece of your skin the longer you have the strap on your neck!

2. I don’t want my gear dangling in front of me… Period!

3. I don’t want to appear like saying, “Hey guys, look at me, I have a camera and I am a tourist! Eat your heart out!” sort of thing… I want my camera “unseen” or in a non-obvious place as much as possible when I’m not taking pictures.

4. How can you hug or kiss someone with a camera dangling in front of you? Hehehe!

5. I feel awkward to have somebody photograph me with a camera dangling in front of me. This is what I love with my sling strap, anyone can take a stolen shot of me and yet, my camera will be unnoticeable or may not be obviously seen in the photograph.

Others may love their neck strap and may hate a sling strap. I will not try to convince you to use a sling strap. At the end of the day, it really depends on an individual’s preferences. “To each his own…” as they say.

Keep ’em clicking…! 🙂

Photo Courtesy of Fotokungen.Com and Joby.Com

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