My Tools of the Trade

I use the Canon EOS Rebel T5/1200D for my DSLR body. I have two telephoto lenses, the Canon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 and the Tamron 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3. I usually take shots on the streets with the Tamron lens since it is lighter in weight at 450 grams compared to Canon’s 600 grams. Tamron has an “Infinity” focus marker unlike the Canon’s which you have to guess… a great assist when I’m doing landscape photography to make everything in focus or zooming distant subjects that are difficult to focus.

For macro photography, I have the Canon 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM for closer than close up shots. It’s fast and captures the “macro” subject in lifesize since its magnification is 1×1. This lens is quite versatile as I can also use it for portrait shots with a nice blurred background.

For some night shots and close ups, I use the Canon 50mm f/1.8 prime lens. It’s the fastest and lightest prime lens that provides me an excellent background blur making my subjects stand out even in night time with no flash. It is so light that I can put it inside my pocket that I some times forget that I have it. This lens is also best for creating the magical “bokeh” effects. I only use this lens on special occasions or events since it is quite difficult to compose my photos on the road using a prime lens. I need my telephoto lenses to capture my subjects without getting close to them.

I use a Circular Polaroid filter to highlight the blue and green colors on my shots, specially when I take shots of the skies and the trees. It makes blue bluer and green greener. It definitely help in reducing the glares and reflections specially that most of the time, I take photos while inside my car. The UV filter I have only serves as a lens protector… A piece of glass that, hopefully, will absorb any accidental impact on my gear saving my lens from a potential damage.

For flash photography, I use the Yong Nuo YN560 III speedlite flash… This flash can be a slave unit with or without a flash trigger. The only issue I have with this flash unit is its lack of high-speed sync. The fastest shutter speed that I can use with this unit is at 1/250. More than that speed, a portion of my photo is covered in black. Other than that, I’m happy with YN560 III.

I use the Yong Nuo RF 603 for wireless release and flash triggers. It’s great for off-angle flash trigger and taking shots remotely… That is, I can join in a group photo or do “selfies” without asking anyone to take the photo. It also allows me to remotely trigger my YN560 III speedlite flash.

My intervalometer is Phottix TR-90 that allows me to take time lapse photos. To carry my camera around, I usually use my Black Rapid Curve (RS-7) sling strap.

But in areas with people cramming where having my camera on sling may not be a good idea, I use my Case Logic SLR Camera Holster to keep my gear safe but in reach anytime. I also have the Case Logic Medium SLR Camera Bag which I use in situations where I just only need to bring an extra lens and a flash.

In case I need to carry all my gears and accessories, I use my Case Logic SLR Camera Sling.  This sling bag allows me to safely carry everything I need and it has a place where I can put my Benro Photo Monopod (A18T). I don’t usually carry my Weifeng WT-3530 tripod which I got for free when I bought my DSLR.

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