WordPress Reader Issues… Aaargh!


I’m not sure if I’m the only one experiencing some gaps in the WordPress Reader. The blogs I follow are not all shown in the reader making me miss some posts from those I follow. I knew because a couple of blogs I follow usually post more than one blog a day and nothing from them appeared on my Reader. When I checked their site, they did post several blogs which I did not see in the Reader.

… Has anyone encountered this issue and has found a way to resolve this? Aaargh!

10 thoughts on “WordPress Reader Issues… Aaargh!

  1. The new Reader is full of “issues”. My current fave browser (Safari 5.1) isn’t even supported! Now I get to either switch to buggier, slower browsers…or “pound sand”. All to facilitate a couple milliseconds worth of faster page loading.

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  2. I haven’t been able to read other people’s blogs since the Reader update. When I contacted staff, they said my browser (Safari 5.1) isn’t supported any more! So, if I want to read or comment anywhere else, I have to use buggy, hackable Firefox, or sign up for Chrome so Google can check up on me. All because WP wanted to decrease page loading by a few milliseconds. Short-sighted is the nicest word I can think of.

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  3. WP has a rolling set of issues that seem to pop up once in a while, I suppose when enough folks contact the powers that be, they will look into it. Which is why I shy away from self-hosting these days. I have never, ever used the reader…

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