The Five Prophesies: The Day When the Earth Shall Stood Still…!


1 Men shall cease to work and shall sit upon thrones made out of the earth’s bounty;
2 Women shall gnash their teeth in anger for their men shall be like sloths on that fateful day;
3 Suffereth not the children for they shall reap those meant for men, for men shall sit still with hunger and children shall eat their meat;
4 The cities and nations shall be void of dust and shall become a no man’s land as all men, women, children, the young and old, and the sick shall be bound under their roofs staring at a box made of lightning and thunder;
5 Hear ye, hear ye, the world shall be silent and shall stood still on May 3, 2015 at exactly 3AM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) for a boxing bout to be remembered.  Take heed as this generation shall not pass away without such prophesies fulfilled!

(Photo courtesy of Ice Cream Conversations)

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