Ang Dinuguan (“Pork Blood Stew”)


Dinuguan is a Filipino food made out of pork or chicken blood usually mixed with chopped organs of the animal. It is best eaten with Puto, a steamed rice cake with its origin coming from an Indian dish called “Puttu”.

Though some Filipinos today no longer eat dinuguan because of their chosen religious faith or they are just squeamish at the sight of blood, I like very much the dinuguan, specially the one cooked by my grandma when she was still younger as she is now more than 90 years old today.

Do you also have the same kind of food in your country? πŸ™‚

” Tara, kain tayo…!” (Come on, let’s eat!)

8 thoughts on “Ang Dinuguan (“Pork Blood Stew”)

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  1. Love it ! And I know how to cook dinuguan, too. I had blood sausage in England. It’s their breakfast treat. Eh. I didn’t like it. The taste of oregano is very strong. In Spain, blood sausage is called morcilla. I had that too…. better than England’s. In Romania ( on Anthony Bourdain’s show ), they also cook blood as soup.

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  2. Quite a few dishes made with blood, from several cultures. Blood as an ingredient is not available in in the commercial chain grocery stores near me, probably because blood has to be used quickly. I am in North East Florida, USA.

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