What’s the lamp post got to do with Tic-Tac-Toe?


While stuck in a traffic going home yesterday evening, I saw this roadside lamp along Paseo de Roxas near Gil Puyat Avenue… and I wondered, how can I shoot this lamp without overexposing my shot of the bulb?

Tic, tic, tic… The minutes slowly tick!
Tac, tac, tac… I’m in a traffic stack!
Toe, toe, toe… Better cool your head, bro!

Tic, tic tic… And I moved the shutter speed to about 1/80 so as not to blur the pic!
Tac, tac, tac… Made my aperture at f/5.6 to lessen, of course, the black!
Toe, toe, toe… To be safe, I switched my ISO to Auto!

Tic, tic, tic…! In manual focus I made a click!
Tac, tac, tac…! A car’s headlights flashed behind my back!
Toe, toe, toe…! I have to move on or the police will put my car in tow!

It’s really amazing how the traffic situation here in Manila makes you more creative… And totally insane! I’d better play the tic-tac-toe the next time I’ll be stuck in traffic! Hahaha!

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