My Tools of Trade in Photography

slingshot Portfolio

The slingshot Portfolio… This app is a replacement for the native Gallery (media viewer and editor) of Android. As I usually take photos in RAW format, the slingshot Portfolio allows me to open my RAW photos as if they are ordinary JPG files using my mobile Android device.

Adobe Photoshop Express

The Adobe Photoshop Express… There are situations when I need to tweak my RAW photos to correct certain aspects of the image or to give my photo more “bang” before I convert this into JPG format! Our term for this is “post processing” (PP) of photos. Majority of the photographers use Adobe Photoshop or Light room via their PCs (desktops or laptops) where they download their photos.

I use my Android device to do post processing using the Adobe Photoshop Express as I download all my RAW photos in it and do everything without using any PCs.

WordPress App

And finally, my WordPress Android app where I share the images I capture via Photo ni Ompong and post ideas and opinions via Ika nga ni Ompong.

You may want to check out My Gear Page to see my hardware… 🙂

5 thoughts on “My Tools of Trade in Photography

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    1. Thanks a lot, iatroud. I’m quite lazy to use my laptop or even bring it whenever I go. Good thing there are apps in Android that can substantially do what the PC version can do. 🙂

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      1. I also have Adobe and WordPress in my windowsphone, and even though most of the times I want big screens to enjoy some photos, the mobility thing is the best choice for vacations or weekends away home.

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