Street Photography: The Spoiled Brats


Unlike in other countries where everyone is on DIY (do it yourself), Filipinos are the most spoiled fellows in Asia.

When I was in the US on business trips or just visiting my parents in San Francisco, everything is DIY. For example, if you gas up, wipe the windshield, or put air on your tires, you do it yourself. In the Philippines, you don’t need to get out of your car. Someone will do all of these for you… And you just give them a “tip” like Php10 or Php20 (roughly about US$0.20 to 0.50 cents).

In our golf courses, you can have your own caddie who will carry your bag, select your club, place your ball on the green when putting while someone is holding an umbrella over you and will even wipe your sweat when playing. We call them “umbrella girls”. After playing, they will clean your clubs and shoes and will bring them to your car while you are having a lunch in the clubhouse.

And on the average, middle-income earning families have one or two “helps” in the house doing all the chores, like laundrying and ironing of clothes, cooking, and cleaning the house. That’s why most Filipinos have lots of time to visit the malls. Believe it or not, our malls are always full of people any day of the week and the malls’ parking lots are also full of cars anytime of the day. We are indeed a country of malls… And a country of “mallers”.

The Philippines has a big labor force with about 25% unemployment rate as of the end of 2014 resulting to an oversupply of labor… Which made labor cheaper as compared to other countries. DIY is not part of the Filipino language… Filipinos will just shell out a few hundred pesos (about US$4 to 5) to have someone do it…

Yes, we Filipinos are spoiled brats in our country…!

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  1. It’s not just the Philippines, in China it’s the same. I remember one time, my aunt told my mom the guy at the gas station put green stuff in her car and mom was like, “don’t you know your car need anti-freeze?” and she’s like no. I was like, I learned that in high school and I don’t need anybody to help me to put coolant in my car, I do it myself. 😀

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      1. That’s not good. Here, in order to get our driver license, we have to learn the basic mechanic of automobile. I learned some there but I learned mostly because my old car was leaking all over the place.

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      1. Charity allowing dignity and laziness are not the same. Even if the service is for spoiled brats, small services have more pride than begging.

        But the brats must be careful to remember the help are persons, too, and refrain from abusing them. Much potential for exploitation is within this system, also.

        You have a kind heart to speak of it in the humorous terms you used. 😉

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      2. I totally agree with you. The brats should always remember that the helps are like them in every way, except that their means are just lesser compared to theirs.


    1. Yup, one reason may be due to the hot weather we have. One will sweat a lot and smell somewhat “differently” even for a few blocks walk… LOL!
      But I do agree that we should start exerting more efforts rather than have someone else do it us. 🙂


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