The Float of Joy and Happiness…


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Afloat.”

It is my daughter’s 21st birthday today (April 11, 2015) and this picture of hers when we were at a resort during the Lenten weekend quickly flashed in my mind when I read the word “afloat”. “Afloat” may mean something that defies gravity or something that is moving on water without sinking.

But “afloat” may also relate to our emotions… Specially if we are happy and full of joy. For me, I’m afloat with gladness and happiness eveytime I see my family happy and enjoying a moment… Like how happy my daughter was playing with the waves where she sinks and floats from it.

The nearest we can get to a place called by many people as “heaven” is the moment when we are “afloat” with a joyful emotion that we almost feel that we are high up in the air floating among the clouds.

And that feeling… You can only get when you are having fun and enjoying each moments with a loved one!

A happy birthday to my sweet, loving daughter!

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