From DSLR to My Mobile Phone in A Jiffy…!


I remember the days when a “million bytes” was quite expensive with a large floppy diskette to carry it. Nowadays, gigabytes of memory are stored in a media smaller than our thumbnail.

I use a 32GB SD adapter for my DSLR which made it easy for me to move my photos to my mobile phone via the micro-sd card that comes with it… No need for a laptop or computer to transfer my photos. As I normally take photos in RAW format, I have Android applications that can read and edit my RAW photos on the fly. I have the WordPress application on my device… my email, my organizer, other social network apps, and all the things I need to survive virtually! I am a walking “online” geek… 🙂

As a media warrior on the road, I only bring two formidable artilleries with me, my light saber (DSLR) and my Millennium Falcon (mobile phone) that can fly me anywhere in the universe via the world wide web! And of course, my 32GB SD/micro-sd ammunition…!

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