Is it Wednesday or Thursday (Haiku)


/ to you, it’s Wednesday! /
/ today for me is Thursday, /
/ both a lovely day /

2 thoughts on “Is it Wednesday or Thursday (Haiku)

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  1. I like this one A LOT! As an old amateur radio operator, I try to know the day and time all over the world, but your haiku is a charming reminder that it’s not always easy! Right now, for me, it’s 2300 CST, Wednesday, and a thoroughly gorgeous spring night. Will be Thursday in one hour!

    Have a great whatever day!



    1. Thanks Ron… Yup, it’s quite difficult, really, to know the time all over the word. I just keep in mind that those in the eastern side of the globe is a day ahead of those in the western side. And as the saying goes, “I gain a day going to the West but lose a day going to the East.” 🙂

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