The Lady of the Tree… (Poetry)


A man has found a lovely tree;
From a farm he thought it was free;
He asked the lord with a broken knee;
The lord then inquired “Is it for thee?”


The man replied “It is for me!”;
The lord smiled and gave the tree;
But then he said, “Turn it like a she!”;
The man agreed and walked out in glee!


In thoughts while carving the large tree;
The man dreams of how it will be;
How to turn the tree into a she;
A lady that is worthwhile to see!


While he cleans the tree near the sea;
A lady glided like a bee;
His heart jumping like a tiny flea;
He knows now what his carved tree will be!


He marveled to the nth degree;
Calls it “The Lady of the Tree”;
He then slept and he was thirty-three;
Heart failing, his soul has been set free!

The charming lady by the sea;
Opened her wings and blessed the tree;
A sight “Oh, so wonderful to see..”;
Behold, it’s the Lady of the Tree!

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