Graduation March = Higher Unemployment Rate


In the Philippines, March is the month of graduation marches. School year starts on June and usually ends on the month of March. Maybe, the reason why the graduates march in March because the name of the month itself is March! LOL!

On a serious note… Every year, hundreds of thousands of students graduate from college and thousands also pass the licensure exams for professionals. Unfortunately, the number of job vacancy is significantly lower than the number of aspiring applicants here in the Philippines.

The number of jobless Filipinos during the last quarter of 2014 rose to 27% or about 12 million individuals (Source: Philstar Business). Year over year, the unemployment rate is increasing as the overall population in the country continue to rise with only a few new businesses being started.

The Graduation March is indeed a march to a successful career and to a bright future for the lucky ones… But for those that may not be able to get a job for the next two to three years, it will be a march of desperation and a future of under employment.

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