The Wonders of 3D Models (5 photos)

I saw these 3D models of famous world sites and ships made out of metals in a toy store in a mall in Quezon City — the city where I live in the Philippines.

Their sizes are from 3 to 6 inches tall. They are very similar to those toys made of “plastic” which you can assemble by gluing the parts together. However, you don’t glue the pieces for these 3D metal models… You “clip” them together. And unlike the plastic version where you can paste decals or paint its body, the metal model doesn’t have decals and there is no need to paint it.

After getting the store attendant’s permission,  I took pictures of these 3D metal models. I wanted to buy the “Black Pearl” pirate ship but it was out of stock…

Hirosaki Castle of Japan
The Titanic
The Black Pearl
EDO Castle of Japan
The Eiffel Tower of France

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