The Death of the One…


Three days ago, I posted a picture of my wife’s Stargazer with only two flowers blooming with two of its buds still closed (A Summer’s Flower…). Three days ago, I was excited to photograph the Stargazer with four of its flowers all fully opened. Three days ago, I was full of anticipation…

Today, the other two buds finally opened its petals… But alas! One of the flowers I photographed three days ago has withered. There are only three flowers left to photograph. And I was in a complete state of disappointment. One of the flowers had died… One of them left without waiting for its two siblings. One of them had gone dry without saying goodbye!

Sadly, I still took this photograph of the Stargazer flowers less one flower that failed to withstand the test of time to be part of this photograph. May it forever be immortalized in the photograph I took with it in it three days ago! Truly, nothing last forever except our memories of what we cherish…

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