It’s all about Summer…


We don’t have Autumn or Fall season here in the Philippines. I am usually fascinated by the colors of Autumn and the ambiance it radiates when seen in a beautifully composed photo.

As I was parking in a lot near the office of a client, I chanced upon a tree with falling leaves. It is not unusual for trees to fall their leaves during a Philippine Summer. But the color of the leaves of this particular tree made me think about the Autumn leaves.

As you can see, most of the tree’s leaves had already fallen and a tint of green has started to appear in some of its branches… Those that are yet about to fall, they have this bright yellowish-orange color. Since I was about 15 minutes early for the client meeting, I took a shot of this “autumn-like” scene and find myself in a state of contentment knowing that I was fortunate to be in the right parking slot at the right moment when the Summer Sun is almost directly above our heads.

4 thoughts on “It’s all about Summer…

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    1. Thanks! But the real Autumn scenes I see in photos are more awesome than this… At least this scene gave me a bit of the Autumn feel while the temperature is at about 100 Fahrenheit. 🙂


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