The Jedis versus the Darth Lords


The Light and Darkness, battling to claim a territory called “The Stairway”. The prize? It’s the coveted “Picture Frame” hanging on the wall.

The Light is ruled by the Jedis while Darkness is the home of the Darth Lords. Caught in between their battle, I struggled whether to go up or to go down as our elevator is under repair. In every direction, Darkness will befell me before I reach the Light… The Darth Lords will attack to stop me from reaching the Light with their dreaded red laser swords. How can I become a Jedi without being attacked by the Darth Lords?

I was pulled out from my hysteric dilemma when a colleague, who is standing in front of the elevator, brought to my attention that the elevator is now working.

As I step inside the elevator, a thought came upon me… I was day dreaming again!

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