Dancing on the Streets…


Is it a step in the Zumba craze? A tango move perhaps? Or is it a prelude for a mob flash dance?

Most of the average Filipinos who commute to work usually leap out of the bus while the bus is still moving to a stop. Quite a stunt but totally dangerous as a speeding motor on the right side of the bike could hit them or they could slip upon landing hitting the hard pavement with their unprotected heads.

If you had a chance to ride a plane with a Filipino on board, you see some of them standing and starting to get their luggages even when the plane is still taxi-ing towards the tarmac. And they usually queue in line on the boarding gate even when it’s not their turn yet to board the plane.

It seems that most Filipinos are always in a hurry… I’m not sure why but I think patience is one of the virtues which we, Filipinos, should begin to cultivate in our culture. 🙂

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