“Spiderman” as Seen in a Window Slit


I attended the birthday lunch treat of my sister in-law law last Sunday. Their home is located in a province north of Metro Manila called San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan.

It was a sunny day and there were only few patches of clouds in the sky… Yup, the sky was totally painted in blue that day. As soon as we arrived at their place, I saw this utility man climbing an electrical post with its top about 8 to 10 stories above the ground…

The first thing that came up in my mind was “Spiderman”… Whose prowess include fearlessly climbing sheer walls that no ordinary mortal can do.

I guess that the utility man has already conquered his fear of heights.  I guess he was having a fun time climbing the post like Tarzan playfully scaling up a tree. I guess he didn’t mind the heat of the sun at noon time since the breeze up there may be cooler than on the ground… And I guess, the hard and cold pavement below that will meet him in case his foot slips is no longer a danger for him since he has done this kind of work hundreds of times already.

I waited for him to reach the top… and I zoomed in to take this shot inside the house of my sister in-law, with my lens peeking into the window slit… Like a canon on the side of a marauding galleon ship.

And a thought came up, “Can I also do what he just did, climbing up a post that is 10 stories high? Maybe yes, maybe no…

How about you?

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