Of Kuwagos and Owls…


I saw this collection of owls (“kuwago” in our local dialect) in the office of a well-known personality in the accounting profession here in the Philippines.

As I was waiting for the person whom I will be meeting at his office, I can’t help taking a photo of this awesome owl collection. As much as I want to touch at least one of the owls, I dare not for the fear of breaking one!

I most liked the large blue one with the transparent head… What owl from the collection do you like the most? ๐Ÿ™‚

6 thoughts on “Of Kuwagos and Owls…

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  1. Second shelf from the bottom. Middle. The two blue ones. They are beautiful. I like your choice too. P. S. I am the friend Jo mentioned. She’s slways thinking of me when it comes to owls. – kuwagos. And I learned a new word!

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