Raindrops in Summer


Our weather bureau, PAG-ASA, has finally and officially announced that Philippines is now entering its Summer Season.

Summer in the Philippines often starts during the month of March, before the Lenten Season, and usually lasts until July or August. Our summer here is really hot and humid with an average temperature of 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) up to a high in the 40s (more than a hundred degrees Fahrenheit). You can actually fry an egg sunny-side up on a piece of tin can during noon time! The humid air makes your sweat cling to you like a stubborn leech… And if you’re not too conscious about it, smell like a rotten skunk! A typical hanky to wipe your sweat is truely not enough, it is advisable to bring a towel instead to wipe those clammy beads of sweat away!

Imagine taking a cold bath and just a minute after having a shower as soon as you step outside of the bathroom, you immediately perspire and feel the heat that is so uncomfortable that you wish you’re inside a freezer. Instead of using your bath towel to dry yourself, you use it to cool yourself from the heat of the Philippine Summer!

With that said, I was really surprised that it was a bit cloudy today… And the air is quite cool instead of the usual windless day during Summer. When I went back to my car after a meeting with a client, I found raindrops on my windshield. The parking lot was wet from a brief rain and the air is quite cooler than I have expected contrary to my expectations when I heard that our weather bureau has officially announced the start of Summer today.

And yet, I still wish that Summer is not here… I still wish for a cold morning each day, a cool breeze on my face, and a comfortable outdoor chat with my friends while sipping a hot cup of coffee. But then again, these kind of days may be numbered as the Summer has already started!

And soon, it’s beach season time… With girls dressed in tinnie, winny two piece swimming suits! And that, my friends, is another story alltogether!

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