A Man’s Destiny in Black & White…


For those that we may say as materially fortunate, their destinies are saturated with colors and hues of joy and comfort… Some were even born with a spoon of gold in their mouths as heirs to riches which they don’t need to work for.

But for this man, his destiny may have already been stone-etched in black and white on the day he was born. He earn his living by selling pieces of “trapos” (rags) at about US$2 per dozen to passing motorists.

I don’t know if he has mouths to feed, I don’t even know his name or where he came from… What I only know is that he endures the sun, the rain, and the soot every day just to sell his “trapos” to earn a living until the day the angel of death will finally take him out of his black and white existence.

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