Rainbows Columns with Vectral Portraits


If you happen to drive along Gil Puyat fly-over going to EDSA, you will see several colorful columns that support the Kalayaan flyover going into Gil Puyat. On that day, the traffic was quite heavy “as usual” here in the Metro which gave me ample time to take some photos of the portraits in some of the pillars as I pass by stopping, and moving inch by inch. That’s how heavy our traffic is here in the Metro.

One of the pillars has a vectral portrait with a text saying, “traffic enforcer ako”. It means ” I’m a traffic enforcer”.


Another pillar shows a woman with a text saying, “call center agent ako” which means “I’m a call center agent”.


And one pillar shows a man with a text saying, ” karpintero ako” which means “I’m a carpenter”.


There are other pillars with vectral portraits but the traffic moved on faster making me miss the chance to take photos of them… Maybe next time, let’s just hope that the traffic will make me stop in front of those pillars which I have not taken any photos yet. 🙂

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