Blinded by the Sun…!


How could one look at the sun without being blinded;
To see the clouds, the sky without being reminded;
The wonder and awe of being alive;
Though nightfall will soon arrive!

Yes, I’m being poetic about this… In the city, it is quite a disappointment, often than not, to take pictures of the sky and even the landscape itself, without the city wires and cables somewhat ruining your photos.  Man’s progress has changed and sculpted the land in a fashion that you can no longer appreciate what it is to commune with nature herself.

Going back to the picture, it is quite an arduous task to look directly at the sun without wincing your eyes… missing its “glory” high above the skies. A polaroid eyewear or “shades” may help but such a picturesque view will only be stored in your memories. Luckily, I had a polarizer filter when I took this shot plus the fact that I am inside my car on stop waiting for the signal light to go green.  My car windows are heavily “tinted” in black that anyone outside will find it difficult to see those inside. These “filters” tamed the brightness of the sun, which at around 3PM in the Philippines during these days, is quite blinding…!

Disregarding the man-made structures and the slithering cables and wires, I found the view up above as “awesome”! If I only have a magic wand like that of Harry Potter’s, I would wave it to have all the “ugly” man-made structures vanish for a while, even for just a second, giving me precious seconds to take a shot of the beautiful scene above me. Alas, the wand is just a fiction and living in the city built by man is a reality I have to face…!

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